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…I would also urge that care be taken to choose a guide with a well-made rather than a well-filled head.
(Montaigne, Essays [1580])

"Strategies for University Learning, a Reflection Guide" is a practical and efficient tool, based on research in the field of higher learning, that allows you to quickly evaluate your attitudes, skills and study habits; all of which are essential to success as a university student.

The Guide is composed of 304 statements organized into 10 themes and 47 categories of actions that will help you arm yourself with study strategies that you may be lacking.

For each statement you must choose either Rarely or Frequently according to how well you currently apply this ability or habit in your studies.  Your answers, and the number of times you've answered "rarely" as opposed to "frequently", will help you to determine what attitudes you need to change, and what new skills and habits you need to develop, in order to learn more efficiently, with better performance, less stress and more pleasure. 

For a better understanding of these tips and the process of human intelligence, each of the 10 themes offers further explanations and tools for specific university tasks such as reading, writing, giving presentations, taking exams, etc.

To begin, you can first peruse a list of typical emotional, motivational and organizational problems that students are likely to encounter during higher education.  If you find that you recognize yourself in this list, you'll be able to immediately access information on the issues most relevant to you.

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